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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Club Penguin Field Op #39 Cheats

Today Club Penguin has released Field Op #39! Field Ops are mini missions that agents will have to complete every week. Each time you complete a Field Op, you earn a medal. Once you have a certain amount of medals, you can use them to buy Elite Penguin Force gear. Lets complete Field Op #39 so you can get your 39th medal to put towards some awesome gear!

To start Field Op #39, Open up your Spy Phone and travel to the HQ. Once you are there, walk up to the big monitor on the upper right side of the HQ, It says, "Field Ops".

Once you have done that, A message will pop up from Gary. This is what the message will look like:

To start the Field Op, open your map and go to the Ski Village. Once you're in the Ski Village waddle into the Ski Lodge and go up the ladder to the Lodge Attic. Once you're there, stand right near the ladder going down, but make sure not to go down to the Ski Lodge!

After you have done this, your Spy Phone will ring. Answer your Spy Phone. You're going to have to complete the puzzle.

Once you have successfully done this, you have complete your 39th Field Op and will receive a Medal. You can save it for some gear in the future, each medal adds up! Congratulations Agent, Well done

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