Well Welcome!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dream achieved

So on Sunday I sold all my powers and buyed more xats and got Nc and Angel and Valentine and I sold them and got Purple I finally achivied the powers I always wanted and I got 20600 for Purple its my dream come true to have experienced those powers thx.
:) So happy

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oreo The Movie Premiere

Today my chat OnlyOreoFans was promoted.I wanted to promote Swirly2012 but I found out that the chat has to be atleast 7 days old.Sorry to you who did not know it was on I did not know I was going to promote it myself but it was just a treat because I bought 2 Peace powers,Dunce and Away yes all in days.So I do not have many left :( but the chat might be promoted tommorow we will just have to see. But most of you did not know it was Oreo The Movie Premiere. I would rate the promotion 67% because there was banning and I did not get time to advertise my blog :(. I ended up making more then 10 owners then demoting some of them. There also was a incedent were my chat was report by a person that kept getting banned duh because they kept guesting there self. Also if anyone knows how they did that please tell me in a comment or message. Also I am typing this on my IPod and with the auto correct it really helps but it takes ages to type and I am exhausted phew. Do you think my typing is getting better tell me in a comment or message. A big thanks to Amy BFF for helping me too even though I forgot the pass to make her main. The Swirly/Citrit Team~


On Xat there is a hacker who has even hacked Waterkid from Cppiratearmy there on diffrent accounts
Account 1=Decrypto decrypto (365182202)7
Account 2=wunfuhy180 (248355420)

Website Updated

So far my Blog is being updated as you can see I have added a new music box and flowers falling and a whos amung us and a sea horse and teddy bear gadget too! Right now I am working on making my pages diffrent fonts and the writeing and a header for my blog

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stop Kony someone!

Kony is a man from Africa and he kidnaps and kills children and gets them to kill their family but the goverment in the US doesn't care anymore. We must stop him!

Xat Powers or User accounts?

??????? Any that are working AND DONT SAY WRONG PASSWORD!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We welcome Citrit

Hi all I am Citrit on Swirly's blogger account because mine was deleted o_O. I am very rare. I have Gold Purple 2 of them Nc etc. I love Blogging for ppl

C Cool
I Intresting
T Terrific
R Revoloution
I Invisible
T Trouble
yup im citrit XD

Whats yours?