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Weekly Newsletter

A weekly newletter will be released on the 5th day of each month

1. My Blog may not be working for anyone right now because its not http://fred9005cpcheats.blogger or whatever its now http://Swirly678xatchat.Blogger.com also dont know if that link is correct please comment if it isnt but save the 2nd one.

2. Some of you may be confused but Oreo is my chat name and my other name I had on my new account before I got my old one the one I'm a subscriber on. And if you don't like Oreo's it doesn't matter don't mind the description.

3. I have noticed alot of people are trying to hack me I am not saying names but I know they went on to my website to finf info about me to try and prove they hacked me but they didn't by the way my homepage is my Blogger profile because Xat don't allow Blogger links. These people who were hacking logged on alot of accounts or had alot of people.

4. Oreo The Movie released on the 17th and it has Oreo's and me in it.

5. Want a website? Heres a list of good website's to try make a website.
theres more too!

Whats yours?