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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interviewing Xat 42

Xat 42 was interviewed not by me I do not own this!!!!!

So Hello Xat 42 everybody seems to be freaking about because of the bug on Xat that occurred only a few hours ago.

Yes, We are trying are best but if the bug is to powerful Xat may have to be reset meaning all chats,powers,usernames,pages,days,marriges,xats etc will be lost and the whole site will have to start again.

Omg that is terrible apparently everyone got a message saying Re-Login and everybody did but the people that didnt seemed to not lose their powers.

I do not know that because I was not on. My work colleague notified me by email about this. Apparentley their daughter was on Xat.

Ok so how long will it take to get back to normal?

Mabye 24 hours we are not sure its a big bug we have to catch it. I can't chat any longer I have to go sort out this mess goodbye and thanks for interviewing me!

Your Welcome, By Citrit

If you have any questions Xat 42 has not answered please comment and I will try and get Citrit who was interviewing Xat 42 to ask them to him and yes I have lost my powers too visit Xat Help for support on dealing with this.

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