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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oreo The Movie Premiere

Today my chat OnlyOreoFans was promoted.I wanted to promote Swirly2012 but I found out that the chat has to be atleast 7 days old.Sorry to you who did not know it was on I did not know I was going to promote it myself but it was just a treat because I bought 2 Peace powers,Dunce and Away yes all in days.So I do not have many left :( but the chat might be promoted tommorow we will just have to see. But most of you did not know it was Oreo The Movie Premiere. I would rate the promotion 67% because there was banning and I did not get time to advertise my blog :(. I ended up making more then 10 owners then demoting some of them. There also was a incedent were my chat was report by a person that kept getting banned duh because they kept guesting there self. Also if anyone knows how they did that please tell me in a comment or message. Also I am typing this on my IPod and with the auto correct it really helps but it takes ages to type and I am exhausted phew. Do you think my typing is getting better tell me in a comment or message. A big thanks to Amy BFF for helping me too even though I forgot the pass to make her main. The Swirly/Citrit Team~

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