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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Club Penguin Rookie Tracker April 2011!

The Rookie Tracker April 2011 is finally here and is a great tool, The Rookie Tracker April 2011 is here to help you find Rookie. Recently, Rookie has returned to Club Penguin for the April Fools Party 2011! The Rookie will be waddling through Club Penguin giving away his very rare and exclusive Background! This background is ONLY available when The Rookie is here! Use the Rookie tracker below to help you find him!

Update Tracker
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Use Jmann93's chat to track Cadence down with the Jmann93 fan community!
The chat box below is a chat room which has been created for the Jmann93 fan community. Please feel free to use it to the fullest as long as you follow the following rules: No spamming, No swearing, No Advertising, No bullying, and No Dating. Lets try to keep this a PG rated zone.

Tell me About The Rookie!

Rookie is the public relations officer for the PSA and a novice Secret Agent. He is a green penguin always wearing a Red Propeller Cap and a pair of Red Sunglasses. This is his very first time waddling around Club Penguin island giving away his rare autographed background!

Here are some tips for finding The Rookie:
  • When looking for Rookie keep in mind that he is a GREEN penguin with a red propeller cap and red sunglasses.
  • Chances are, Rookie will be surrounded by a LARGE crowd of penguins, if you're looking for him in the middle of the day. If your on a server and you randomly see a big crowd - Check to see if Rookie is there! If you can't see him, Check the "Users In Room" List.
  • Rookie likes to appear on busy servers like Frozen, Blizzard, Mammoth, Alpine, and Yeti. During the day he will be on popular server and at night he will be on quiet servers.
  • Rookie is online 14 hours a day waddling around the island giving out a free autographed background.
  • The rooms that Rookie is usually found in are : The Box Dimension, All of the Box Dimension rooms, and the Dance Lounge.
  • Rookie can be seen on more then 1 server at a time. A lot of times - he is on 2 servers, sometimes even 3!
  • Rookie will switch servers every 15 minutes... Finding him takes some patience but you will find him!

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