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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My new hat and stuff

Like my new russian hat I got for 8.00 in Dunnes Stores Ashleaf? I also got a t-shirt not the one in the picture though! My dads getting me a halloween costume too I need it for school we are dressing up and singing the poem Witches song from Macbeth and Close to you and bringing in board games.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dublin Floods October 24th 2011

Well I was in bed not asleep infact watching garfield when my dad was taking out the rubish he went out then came back in for his boots aparently the water was higher then his legs could be a new record for floods in ireland lots of homes were distroyed and 2 people died a filipino and a irish garda this was a loss for both familys but it is sad that the filipinos family were in the philipines so she was on her own i am not saying that it was a pity they werent liveing with her of course im not saying what you think im just saying its a pity there not in ireland thats all i know i quit blogging but im back again by the way does anyone know how to delete another blogger account? and not only was kimmage flooded but swords crumlin harolds cross dundrum etc were flooded thanks to the ppl across the road for recording the flooding in tesco it was very bad heres a picture i got of the internet looks like amazon river. sorry for my bad grammar
Very sad homes were distroyed also
if anyone sees a 10 year old boy missing sandyferd but seen in dundrum please send me a message.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Im sorry but the time has come

I am afraid I am quiting blogging for a bit i will still blog on the weekends but i wont post anything unless i go somewhere so till then ta ta i will still be on xat though so as i used to say waddle on miss u cp :[

Whats yours?